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Australian Customers

Imagine Global Ltd welcomes all our customers from Australia. We welcome your business and here are a few details you may like to know.

The price of our items are shown in New Zealand dollars.

Due to size and cost we can't send charts, bulletin board sets or taskboards to Australia. 

We accept payment by credit card for orders placed by Australian customers. "The priced advertised might not be the same price charged to the credit card account due to exchange rate fluctuations. This means that because we are based in New Zealand we have to convert your purchase to New Zealand Dollars at the exchange rate on the day it is processed."

Delivery times you can expect your order to arrive in 1-2 weeks from the date the order is placed. We will let you know when your order has left. Orders are shipped using international Air thru New Zealand Post.

Delivery Charges

Box Orders $20

Thank you for choosing Imagine Global and we look forward to being of service to you

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